Nicolas Leuba


After 20 years as an employee and then CEO in the family company founded by my grandfather, Garage Honegger SA, I am now not only familiar with the world of transport and mobility, but above all have acquired valuable know-how in corporate management. I was fortunate enough to be able to work with my family and to experience a company succession, several takeovers, and a merger that gave me a taste for corporate management.

As a pragmatic, organized, and determined person, I specialize in road traffic, mobility, the automotive industry, urbanism, real estate business, and the infrastructure sector.

If I don’t let myself be defined by a single role today, it is because I have acquired a broad spectrum of skills that I would like to put to work for others:

  • Business management
  • Board member of various companies
  • Consultant in the areas of organization, merger, succession, sale, acquisition, and company development.

Politically active for the liberal party FDP, I am committed to the defence of entrepreneurship and social values rooted in sustainability.

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When I took over the family business, I was already concerned about developing sustainability solutions. With the installation of particle filters in vehicles, I wanted to establish an innovative vision of transport, and thus made our garage the first company in its field to be environmentally standardised.

Since joining Elios Consulting, I have had the opportunity to develop projects consolidating my knowledge in the areas of commercial mediation and corporate management.

Being result-oriented, I try to work like an orchestra conductor. With my overarching vision, I examine everyone’s strengths, coordinating and harmonising these assets. Over the course of my mandates, I have learned to analyse situations through solution-oriented approaches, but above all, I have acquired listening skills. I try to put myself in the client’s shoes to unravel issues and then go full throttle to achieve the goals set.

My skills, my determination, and my solid professional network enable me to give the projects assigned to me a speed boost, regardless of whether they concern successions, mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, or corporate developments. I am also familiar with the mechanics of corporate lobbying, allowing me to advise you on this subject. In short, I am like a powerful engine that drives your projects forward and supports you in achieving your goals, unites different potentials, and acts as a link.

Like a conductor, I manage various projects and mandates:

  • President of UPSA Vaud and member of the central board
  • President of VaudRoutes
  • Board member of Viatrans
  • Municipal councillor FDP in Pully, in charge of urban planning and environment
  • President of DHR immobilier SA
  • Board member of Walo Bertschinger Romandie
  • Social commitment: presidency of Pro Infirmis Vaud
  • Cultural commitment: presidency of the Lavaux Classic Festival
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It all started with my diploma at the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce in Lausanne in 1986 and my Entrepreneurship Certificate at the University of Neuchâtel in 1988. This is where I found my enthusiasm for the management sector. My career began internationally with a first internship at Fiat in Turin, then a second at Mercedes-Benz in Stuttgart. After returning to Switzerland, I started my third internship, this time at Credit Suisse. In order to deepen my practical and theoretical knowledge, I also followed regular training courses, such as a BBA and a training course in finance at HEC Paris.

I then joined the family company Garage Honegger SA. I spent 6 years there as my father’s right-hand man and took over the business in 1998. The company grew, among other things with the construction of new garages, and then integrated the Larag Group Romandie. Still CEO of the garage until 2009, I decided to join Elios in order to fully immerse myself in the fascinating world of development and management.

From that day on, I have been a consultant and board member. Since my constant enthusiasm for new projects couldn’t stop here, I took over the management of DHR Gérance Immobilière SA and Mobiplus SA a year later as a side-activity. Politically, I am in charge of urbanism as a municipal councillor for the town of Pully.

As a great lover of the Lavaux area, I also participate in club life in the region, for example as president of the Lavaux Classic Foundation and member of the Rotary Club in Pully.

My scope of interests extends to sporting, political, cultural, and social areas, and I place great value in promoting them. The social sector is particularly close to my heart, which is why I joined Pro Infirmis Vaud and have been its chairman since 2019. These diverse activities have enabled me to build bridges to my work at Elios Consulting by expanding my own network at the same time as my clients’.

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